Rotational MonoFeeding

Proper feeding is part of a general philosophy that incorporates a genuine understanding of health and sickness.  The more dog owners embrace these ideas, the more empowered they will be, not only with regard to their animals’ health but their own as well.

Does the body make a mistake when it expresses a symptom, and should our response be to simply stop it?  Or does the body know what it’s doing?  Should we instead try to understand what is causing the body to express the symptom, and remove that necessity?  It’s by taking this latter course that we can regain control and take full responsibility for our animals’ health, and proper feeding is central to that.

What’s the best raw feeding regimen?

Raw Food Diet For DogsI call the feeding method I developed and advocate “Rotational MonoFeeding” because it involves feeding different types of foods on different days.  By “types”, I mean foods in different macro-nutrient categories.  All foods fall into one of these 3 categories:  proteins, carbohydrates or fats.  In their biological history, dogs have never had the opportunity to mix different types of foods in the same meal.  Their stomachs have only one chamber, and therefore only one digestive chemical environment can be created at a time.  Many raw feeding “experts” recommend not mixing proteins, but that’s not important because proteins ALL require an acid environment to be broken down.  The important distinction is primarily between proteins and carbohydrates, the latter of which require an alkaline environment.  If these incompatible foods are eaten together, digestive fluids are neutralized and a greater percentage of the food becomes waste instead of nourishment.

Prey foods are the primary sustenance of dogs.  However, the meats that are available to us are not exactly the same as the prey foods dogs evolved eating.  Domestically raised food animals are fed garbage so that they become fat and make more money for producers.  The fat cells of these animals stores wastes and that’s why dogs and cats become sick if they eat too much of it.  Dogs and cats are biologically adapted to eat much leaner, cleaner animals.  This explains why the dogs of many prey-model feeders still experience health problems, including cancer.

Dogs have historically eaten other foods besides prey, however.  We know from field observations of wild dogs, including wolves, that plant foods have helped to sustain them during their frequent prey droughts, and we can use this information to our benefit.

Rotating foods of different types allows digestive rest, prevents overfeeding, increases digestive efficiency and replicates the natural ebb and flow of food availability as it existed in the pristine environment where dogs developed as a species.  This way of feeding a Raw Food Diet for Dogs prevents and even reverses degenerative illness in most cases by allowing a dog’s body to devote its energies to healing and outward activity, rather than elimination of accumulating waste.

Finding nutritional “balance”

The problem with most feeding philosophies is that, in one way or another, they incorporate the ineffectual baggage that pervades human nutritional theory.  In the human food world, “balance” means each food group should be represented at each meal.  Not only has this idea been disastrous for our health, it also damages dogs whose owners attempt to follow this “balance” theory by mixing lots of foods together or supplementing.  Putting every type of food a dog might consume in his lifetime (plus many that he wouldn’t) in one meal is the basic premise of commercial foods, and lots of dog owners who have sworn off commercial foods are still making that same mistake, among others.

What’s wrong with commercial raw foods?

Rotational Monofeeding takes the mystery and intimidation out of proper feeding.  Commercial raw food manufacturers have attempted the same thing by producing foods that are convenient and involve no learning curve for owners.  But there are many problems with these foods.  They are very expensive, they contain too many indigestible and unusable non-food ingredients (such as supplements), and most importantly, they almost always contain way too much fat and incompatible types of food.  Feeding these foods means you’re still giving up control of what your dog eats to disinterested, profit-driven third parties.  Rotational mono-feeding gives you all the power.

Best way to transition to proper feeding

It is common for the dogs of new raw feeders to experience vomiting or diarrhea after their first meal of raw meat.  When it happens owners often blame raw food and go back to commercial feeding.  But raw food is not to blame.  There are reasons why it happens and there are ways to go about changing a dog’s diet that practically guarantee a smooth transition.

Kibble and other commercial foods move slowly through the digestive tract, sometimes taking days to exit the body.  When incoming raw meat encounters yesterday’s kibble in the dog’s digestive system, the meat is held up and begins to decompose.  Imagine a pile of kibble sitting next to a pile of raw meat on your counter.  In your mind, leave it there and come back in a week.  What you will smell in your home are some of the toxic by-products of protein putrefaction.  (Note, as well, that the kibble has not changed.  How long do you think YOU would be healthy eating food that cannot decompose?)  Raw meat sitting on top of kibble in the gut will decompose, and the body, in its wisdom, knows that it needs to get rid of it quickly to minimize absorption of the poisonous substances.  If the encounter happens in the stomach, vomiting may result.  If it happens farther along, the body may secrete fluids into the intestine to force a bowel movement (aka diarrhea).

There’s a very simple step that transitioning raw feeders can take to avoid this!


Proper feeding may seem expensive at first glance if your only experience with meat is buying the costly types that people feed their families.  However, not only are there ways to home feed that make it much less expensive, but when un-incurred vet bills are factored in, and they should be, it is exponentially cheaper than commercial food.  With the abundance and variety of affordable meats being demanded by consumers, there’s a lot of food available for our dogs – foods that are not appealing to humans and are therefore sold much cheaper than the more desirable cuts.  Primary among these are bones of various types, such as pork and beef neck bones, chicken frames, and various turkey and fish parts.  These are all very healthy foods for dogs, and very inexpensive.

Success = staying OUT of the vet’s office

Everybody who has ever had a dog knows that dogs get symptoms.  Scratchy ears, itchy skin, eye discharge, loss of appetite, diarrhea and vomiting are extremely common and account for a large percentage of vet visits.  When you understand the reasons and causes behind symptoms like these, it’s an extremely easy matter to deal with them without veterinary intervention.  Of course, when you feed properly 100% of the time, the symptoms do not happen at all.  If you do make a mistake, the knowledge and understanding of underlying causes will enable you to easily deal with symptoms.  In fact, you’re the only one who CAN deal with them properly.  Vets only palliate symptoms, which is very harmful because it only covers up disease and drives it further into the body.

We have been taught to fear symptoms because this puts money in the pocket of industry.  Those who profit from pet sickness know the more fearful we are, the more we show up with our cats and dogs in their waiting rooms.  There is no need for fear!  True healing requires only REMOVAL OF CAUSE and patience.  Remember:  Only the body can heal.

The sick pet industry has declared war on proper feeding

Vets know that the proper feeding for dogs has the potential to decimate their industry.  To prevent the outflow from getting worse, they have decided that fear will once again be their most useful weapon.  There’s no limit to the patently false nonsense they will promulgate in order to make people afraid to choose home feeding.  As a result, pet owners who are attempting to find a clear way forward in the feeding dilemma will instead find a great deal of ignorance, confusion and induced fear.

Every single one of the conjured, baseless objections that vets make against raw feeding or home feeding can be easily discarded, and you can learn just as I did how to counter them.  You can make yourself immune to their fear-mongering, just as other dog owners have.

I want to empower you

For less than $15, you can learn how to begin feeding your dog raw food properly.  If you feel insecure and lack confidence at first, know that everyone goes through this!  I can offer hand-holding if you need it, very affordably.  Most people do not need it and even the ones who do quickly learn that it’s not that difficult to take full responsibility for their animals’ health.  It’s just scary at first because we’ve been brainwashed to think we are powerless.  I do not want to breed dependence on me or anything else outside of yourself.  I want YOU to understand sickness, why it happens and what can be done to prevent it entirely.  Already, thousands of dog and cat owners are learning the simple basics of a rotational monofeeding and quietly avoiding vets.  Please join them!  Take back your power NOW.