Do You Want Freedom from the Sick Pet Industry?

Then Congratulations — you have found the information that will allow you to declare your independence from the industry that profits from your pets’ misery.  

The unfortunate truth is that a very powerful and wealthy industry has been built on our failure to keep our animals well.  Health doesn’t make anybody any money, and that’s why we don’t get reliable information on how to keep our animals healthy.  Instead, our continued failure is encouraged surreptitiously via advice from vets that raw diets are “dangerous” and commercial pet food is “scientific”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  There is no “controversy” surrounding how dogs should be fed.  There is only profit-motivated, deliberate obfuscation and ignorance on the part of those who make money from the status quo.

Since diet is the centerpiece of a healthy lifestyle, the first thing you should be thinking about if your dog has symptoms is transitioning him/her/them to a proper home-prepared diet.  This is the cheapest, safest, most effective, compassionate and intelligent way to approach disease.  It’s also the best way to PREVENT disease from occurring in the first place.

Why aren’t you hearing about this from your vet?

You may have difficulty imagining that your vet is motivated by anything other than his/her love of animals, and it’s absolutely true that most vets are sincere in their love and compassion for animals.  It may surprise you to realize, however, that the educational system that trains them does not care about animals.  This system is not human, it has no heart and is therefore not capable of feeling anything at all.  It is only concerned with sustaining itself.  And, like the human disease-care system it was modeled after, it gets paid only when sickness happens.  In other words, it succeeds only when you fail.  And nothing would subvert its success quicker and more thoroughly than if people took back their power and prevented sickness by feeding their cats and dogs a home-prepared raw diet.  Amazingly, vets recognize this, and that’s the real they have officially declared themselves to be opposed to raw feeding, although they typically cite other excuses.

Does the vet industry want dogs to be healthy?

The modern vet industry has made impressive technological and methodological advances in the treatment of pet illness and injury.  Any industry with this much wherewithal and talent for innovation would make short work of sickness if avoidance and prevention of disease was its aim.  That the epidemic of dog and cat illness climbs to new heights every year is sad and obvious testimony to the fact that avoidance of disease is the last thing the vet industry wants.  Think about it.  Disease becomes chronic with the administration of drugs and other remedies, and chronic disease yields big profits for the life of a dog or cat.  Who makes money when a dog is healthy for life?

Keeping a dog healthy for life is VERY SIMPLE!

It is not the least bit complicated or mysterious.  That vets go to school for 8 years and come out without knowing the true physiological needs of dogs and cats is nothing short of scandalous.  The vet industry needs to be called out for its abject failure to properly address the CAUSES of dog sickness.  The only time you’ll hear anything about cause from a vet is when they want to blame some innocent bacterium or ‘virus’, and that’s because these particular “causes” empower the vet industry.  When real causes are uncovered and understood, however, pet owners regain their power.  That’s what this website is about — EMPOWERING YOU with the information necessary for you to begin feeding your dogs and cats a proper raw food diet and avoiding the sick pet industry altogether.

Does pet health insurance ensure pet health?

Vet bills for treatment of disease have gotten so out of hand that people are now being advised to get pet health insurance.  It wouldn’t occur to anyone in the so-called pet health industry to teach people how to properly feed and care for dogs and cats so that disease doesn’t happen.  Instead, they perpetuate the myth that disease is inevitable and invent yet another lucrative industry.  In reality, there is only one way to ensure good health:  healthy living, including  Proper home FEEDING.

Perfect health is the natural birthright of every organism on earth

Disease is impossible if all the biological requirements of a dog or cat are met.  It may be true that generations of artificial selective breeding and feeding of commercial pet food have produced a host of genetic issues, but far too much disease in dogs and cats are blamed on these uncontrollable factors.  In reality, all but a very small percentage of dog and cat disease is caused by factors that owners CAN control.  But the fact that most people still relegate all the decision making for their pets’ health to “professionals” who know nothing about these factors means that the truth is still relatively unknown.  Obviously, we who have the information need to work harder at getting it out there.

We can’t wait for vets to lead the way

You may be asking yourself what gives a “lay” person the right to challenge the vet industry.  The answer is, who will expose the truth if outsiders don’t?  The veterinary educational system does not exist to produce pet health experts.  Its function is to churn out unquestioning sycophantic cogs for the economic machine.  How many people who have invested a small fortune and 8 years of their lives in training are going to be willing to turn their backs on their colleagues, their employees, their careers, their incomes and their belief systems to do the right thing and expose the conflicts of interest inherent in their industry?  It is unreasonable for us to expect insiders to destroy themselves on behalf of us and our animals.  It is up to US, the dog and cat owning public, to discover the truth and put that knowledge into practice.  Please do not allow the overwhelmingly conflicting information on the topic of dog & cat feeding to immobilize you.  Too much research can cause you to either do everything except the right thing or nothing at all!  The truth is simple, easy and cheap!  You will find no simpler, cheaper, easier method to keep your dog in peak health and vet free his/her entire life than right here.

WE’RE the ones who love our animals.

WE’RE the ones who will suffer right along with them if we abdicate their care to people who are trained, literally, to make them sicker.

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