My e-book is designed to get you up and running quickly and will give you all the information you need to begin proper feeding right away.  Consulting is for those dog owners who may feel unsure or insecure about making the change and need a bit of hand-holding.  It is also for people whose dogs are in special circumstances that might require changes to the standard feeding protocol.

I do not diagnose or treat disease. While a diagnosis from a vet can sometimes be helpful, most often the function of diagnosing is to attach a name to symptoms so that suppressive and harmful methods can be used to treat them.  Doing so only stops symptomatic expression and will never uncover nor correct the CAUSES of the illness.  What we will endeavor to do is remove the causes of illness (which are almost always DIETARY, despite claims from the veterinary establishment to the contrary) so that the body can heal itself.

Consulting includes my 92-page e-book with specific instructions on how to properly feed your dog, in-depth analysis of what you’re currently feeding and detailed recommendations for corrections.  Local (Seattle area) clients can also arrange an optional shopping and hands-on food prep session.

One 1-hour phone consultation PLUS 2 emails for follow-up questions

Note: the following payment options are available: Paypal, Venmo, Zelle (if your bank offers it) or a major credit card. For Venmo and Zelle payments, please send payment to I will be notified and will send you the book as an email attachment.


Consulting can now be purchased through our new website consulting page:


You’ve probably heard of the concept of having someone board your dog and train him/her while you’re off on vacation, or going about your normal routine.  Well, it’s a nice idea that doesn’t really work in practice.  A trainer can train the dog, but training the owner is the important and time-consuming part.  Transitioning a dog to a healthier diet, on the other hand, is something that can and perhaps even should be done by someone other than the owner.  If you are interested in transitioning your dog but are mystified and intimidated about how to get started, this plan is for you.  When your dog comes to stay with us, s/he will be fed according to the optimal program outlined in our Dog Nutrition e-book, including being monitored to see how s/he does on the new foods.  Sometimes there can be digestive issues, like vomiting and/or diarrhea, which is best dealt with by an expert in transitioning dogs to a natural diet.   When you come to pick up your dog after his/her stay, you will receive complete instruction on how to continue feeding the same way.  It is easy to learn, so this usually takes only 20-30 minutes.

Note:  This service limited to dogs and dog owners living within driving distance of Western Washington/Seattle. Five day minimum stay.  Includes food, personal instruction and e-booklet.

$60.00 per day


  • Can i buy a consultation with nora regarding my cat. Or is it just for dogs? My cat is already on darwins naturals raw food diet. He is only eatin lamb right now. But he is still vomiting with specks of blood. No diarreha.
    I was thinking fasting him may be a good idea but idk for how long. Can someone help? I’ll pay.

    • Hi Mireya, Cats are much simpler to feed than dogs but yes I can help if you’d like to do a consult. Just click the order now button on the consulting page and send the form back indicating the animal is a cat. Ignore the questions that may be specific to dogs.

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