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It makes me very happy to announce that my revamped and renamed website was launched two days ago.  The new name is, reflective of the feeding method that has allowed hundreds of dogs (so far!) to reverse disease and enjoy their healthiest lives!

The biggest feature of the new website is our RMF Community, which is a subscription service that will allow members much more access to information and guidance about how to properly feed their animals. Along with more articles and written resources, other special benefits available only to members will be video chats, consultation discounts, weekly live video Q&A and an exclusive Facebook group only for subscribers, moderated by myself and two very seasoned moderators from my public Facebook group. 

You don’t have to be on Facebook to enjoy the perks of membership in the RMF community, however!  All videos, articles and other resources will be posted on the RotationalMonoFeeding website.  The Facebook group just allows members to commune with each other and get questions answered right away.  The No More Vet Bills site will remain up as well, but most of the site content will reside on the RotationalMonoFeeding site, along many new in-depth articles written by veteran RMF’rs who understand the principles of healing and have experience rehabbing sick dogs. Much of this information used to be accessible only on the Facebook group (which is still active and comprises 14,000 members currently).

I am beyond thrilled to be able to offer even more resources for passing along life-saving, self-empowering information to dog and cat owners, and give them a place to learn how to confidently stray from the conventional feeding practices that are keeping animals chronically dependent on the sick pet industry.

Please have a look around the new site, read some of the articles and testimonials, and consider joining.  All the information about cost and benefits is here.  Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you soon!

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