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Kelley, my co-moderator in my Facebook Group (“Healing Diet for Dogs and Cats”) and I have been making videos lately talking about the fundamentals of Rotational Monofeeding and how it’s allowing dog owners to be independent of the sick dog industry. Please check the videos out, join the group if you do FB and subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified of new content when it is added.

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  • I searched on Facebook, “Healing Diet for Dogs and Cats” and I received a prompt that either the link is broken or the group doesn’t exist. When I did a Google search, your group is listed, but when I clicked on the link, it gave me a prompt that I can’t access it.

  • Dear Nora and Kelley,

    I was booted off your face book page just today—don’t know which one of you did it. I was interested in learning more, but I was rudely deleted, because I have a different view and was making a comment in regards to issues that were in the post. I agree with many of your philosophies, Nora, and don’t think deleting people helps your cause. How can people learn, if we can’t comment? And, then someone can’t respond back to me with an appropriate answer or explanation. Freedom of speech, you know? My husband will not allow me to invest in your email book, and especially not now, after I was rudely deleted. I also now have very little respect for your cause and it makes me very suspicious of your food philosophies. Ashame you thought I was a troll. It is good to have differences of opinions. That is how we all learn. When people become too proud and think they know it all, that is when God will take your blessings from you. Pride is a sin God hates. Good luck to you. You lost a potential customer.

    • Diana, I honestly hope you read this and share it with your husband because you don’t have a foot to stand on. The group’s rules are very clear. We make sure people have LOTS of opportunity to know what they are and also to know that it is PERFECTLY FINE to ask for clarification when they’re having problems reconciling old teachings. The selfless and generous mods patiently explain things over and over! You offered a suggestion to a member that was not helpful. It does not matter that you don’t realize it wasn’t helpful, or even if you think it WAS. Vets don’t know this either, and it does not keep the unfortunate dogs in their care from suffering the consequences. My group will absolutely not be allowed to become a filter-less free for all for every baseless “alternative healing modality” under the sun. If you sincerely want to learn, I will allow you to rejoin the group. But you will have to abide by the rules and refrain from offering suggestions like the one that got you booted.

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