Booklet Update/Expansion

Recently I finished a major expansion and update of the booklet. I’ve added a lot more specific information about the quantity to feed and have provided examples of the various feeding protocols. I’ve also added some color photos to make things clearer. The booklet is now actually officially a BOOK, since every definition I can find of “booklet” says 48 pages or fewer, and the book now has 93 pages. 🙂

If you’ve ordered the booklet at any time in the past, I will send you this new version for the difference between the old price ($9.95) and the new one ($14.95), $5. Please email me using the contact form.

I’m very pleased with the finished product, and if you haven’t ordered before I highly recommend doing so. If this information was being provided elsewhere I wouldn’t have bothered writing this book. Unfortunately, the ideas that allow people to be free of the sick dog industry are getting harder and harder to find as money increasingly becomes the driving factor behind every bit of information we see and hear.

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  • I bought the book last week does that mean it has all the new info in it. I’m trying to print it out and put it in a binder I just can’t make it on the computer but anyway does it have all the information I need in it or do I need to buy something else now? Thank you Noreen

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