Amazing Healing Stories

I don’t often post these kinds of stories on my blog and I have to admit I’ve been remiss about that.  People who read my booklet and incorporate its suggestions typically just go away and enjoy their dogs’ good health.  I think it happens that way — you just realize after many years that you’ve not had to take your dog to the vet.  It wasn’t till my last dog passed away at 19 that I sat down and figured out that he hadn’t been to a vet since he was 8 and only then because I hadn’t yet learned how to properly feed him.

My Facebook group has helped me tremendously to appreciate the success that is being enjoyed by people who find and use the information on this website.  It has also put me in touch with rescuers who are using it to rehab dogs in really horrible physical conditions.  Mr. Bean is one such dog, who came to his rescuers with severe dementia and other issues that are now greatly on the mend thanks to love, proper feeding and a good bit of grooming expertise.  His rescuers are seeing major improvements every day to his cognitive function and are hopeful that Mr. Bean will soon get his forever loving home.

Mr. Bean, Before


Mr. Bean, After


Nash is another striking before and after.  His current owner found him abandoned in a junk yard.  He was in terrible shape and had been used as a bait dog.  She wanted to give him the best shot at becoming his optimal self so she went looking for proper feeding methods and found  Nash had so much goopy stuff coming out of his eyes that his owner was worried that his eyes were permanently damaged.  Within a month of proper feeding, however, the eye discharge was gone.  Nash is in perfect health now and all of his scars have healed.

Nash, Before


Nash, After



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