Aspiring Raw Feeders in Seattle WANTED

I am recruiting participants for a documentary video (“Supercharge My Dog”) I’m hoping to make that will chronicle the healing journeys of 3 dogs from typical sickness (allergies, ‘immune’ problems, digestive issues, inflammation, lupus, diabetes, etc.) to health in 6 months using no medications, herbal or homeopathic remedies, only proper feeding.  Owners will receive the first month’s food free and full instruction to continue proper feeding after that.  If you have wanted to learn raw feeding and have a dog that has been chronically ill AND you live in the Seattle area, I want to talk to you!  If you know someone who lives in the Seattle area and has regular contact with health compromised dogs and their owners, please pass this information along to them.  Rescue workers, groomers, vet office employees, maybe even an open minded vet.  I’m sure there are a few vets out there who care more about making dogs well than turning a profit.  I’ve already talked to one who was very supportive and I’m sure there are others.  Please help me make this very important project a reality!

Please watch my latest video interview with Abby Lodmer on YouTube.  If you have comments or questions, please leave them and we will address them in the next video.

Best wishes,


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  • Wiley was diagnosed with Addison’s disease shortly after we adopted him from the humane society 6yrs ago. He was around 5yrs at that time. He was given regular steroid shots every 28 days. However he started developing fatty tissue bumps after the shots and I worry about the long term consequences. We have since extended the time between shots to about 55-60 days through laser treatments and half feeding raw food. However, at age 10 he is still experiencing skin issues even now that we have removed all commercial dry food from his diet and the issues are different than his usual itching. I read that dogs can become allergic to the yeast they produce which is heightened with a raw food diet. So now I don’t know what to do, if it is just his aging as they say or something more. My vet gave me your information and I am hoping your expertise can help. My husband and I fight over this continually and neither one of us really has any answers.

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