Welcome dog lovers

I hope your presence here means you’re as fed up with the veterinary industry as I am.

How long are we going to patronize an industry that thrives only as long as our dogs remain sick?   When are we going to recognize how much the industry benefits from perpetuating the idea that disease is inevitable and irreversible?  Why are we swallowing this nonsense from people who don’t know the first thing about putting the conditions in place that create health?

Vets have opportunities everyday to dispense life-saving information to heartsick owners of chronically ill dogs.  Instead, dog owners leave their offices with no more knowledge of what caused the disease, how it can be reversed and how to avoid recurrence than when they went in.  Even worse, they are led to believe that the only way to approach disease is to chemically suppress symptoms, which only causes disease to progress further.  Causes are left intact.  Causes are never even considered.

“Holism” is all the rage now but what is preached is not what is practiced.  REAL holism means recognizing the body is a very complicated interconnected system which can’t be “fixed” by turning off symptoms, no matter what methods are used.  The so-called holistic practice of veterinary medicine gives lip service to the providence and wisdom of the body but employs the EXACT same methods that its allopathic model uses.  The only difference is a matter of degree.  Holistic methods may be less toxic than those used in regular medicine, but they never cure disease and if they “work”, it’s only because disease has been driven deeper into the body.

I hope you will join me in exploring the enormous benefits that come with understanding why disease happens and how we can care for our animals in a way that allows them to fulfill their highest health potential.  Together, let’s discover new ways of dealing with disease that offer independence from conflicted “health professionals”, less suffering for our dogs, financial relief from unincurred vet bills, and the longest, healthiest, happiest, most energetic lives possible for our best friends.

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