Therapeutic Fasting for Dogs & Recurring Ear Inflammation

The latter of these two topics has received lots of attention from dog owners and vets, but as usual nobody understands the real causes.  They claim to, but the truth is revealed when dogs only get temporary relief before ear inflammation strikes again.  Once the causes of the problem are identified and understood, it’s relatively easy to remove them.  Much easier than regular trips to the vet, ear cleaning, ear medicating, watching a dog suffer needlessly and all the other negative consequences of conventional or even standard holistic medical treatment.

This is the topic of an article I’m writing currently for Dogs, Naturally Magazine, which will appear in September’s issue.  It is also posted here.

Interested readers may check out past editions at, which contain a few other articles I’ve written including one on therapeutic fasting, a topic which gets much less attention that it is due.

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