Despite the monopolized claim that the veterinary industry stakes on the subject, vets actually know very little about how to create the conditions of health and remove the causes of disease.  Even holistic vets know far less than is assumed, and very often make disease worse with their remedies intended only to suppress symptoms.  Holistic practitioners claim that the substances they use “assist” or “allow” the body to heal, but this is not the case.  Herbs are not as harmful as drugs, but it is their toxic effects that cause a dog’s body to desist its symptomatic expression in favor of eliminating the foreign chemicals.

The natural hygiene approach to health and disease offers a great deal of promise to pet owners, and there is nobody I’m aware of who is currently applying this vast body of knowledge to pets.  I have not only used it in the care of my own animals, but I have helped lots of other pet owners resolve symptoms and full blown diagnosed disease as well.  I invite all pet owners to objectively compare these methods to the harmful and toxic methods commonly employed by vets.  It is my fervent hope for the future that a natural, TRULY holistic approach will replace the current palliation paradigm.  Nobody has more to gain from this than our pets.


Natural Hygiene holds that perfect health is the normal state of being for all living organisms, and that it is maintained through natural, self-initiating, self-healing processes. Natural Hygiene further maintains that health is achieved only by the conscientious application of healthful living practices in all areas of life.

Natural Hygiene offers to reconcile science and nature, in a way that the medical system fails to do.  Natural Hygiene is based on the idea that all the power to heal resides within the body, that nature is always correct and cannot be improved upon, and that it is the violating of the natural laws of life that causes all illness.

For over a century and a half, thousands of health seekers have acquired the highest levels of health through the practice of natural hygiene, and yet very few people have even heard of it.  Fewer still are applying its life-preserving principles to the care of cats and dogs, to their great detriment.  Since Natural Hygiene takes all of its cues from observations of nature, it is universally applicable to all species.

In humans, following the principles of Natural Hygiene requires a great deal of resolve and commitment, since it encompasses 19 different areas – food, air, water, exercise, rest, psychological security, creative expression, purposeful work, etc.  Applying natural hygiene to the care of our animals, by contrast, is vastly simpler.  Their needs are very basic:  food that meets their biological requirements, rest, a bit of exercise everyday, and fresh air.  Their simple needs work in our favor because when we want to figure out what’s making them sick, there are only a few areas to investigate.  Far and away, the one that holds the most potential return on investment is the area of diet.  Please think about this:  Every cell in a dog or cat’s body is made from the food that goes in their mouths. If what they are being fed isn’t what their bodies adapted to during the 50 million years that their species has been around, sickness is the natural and inevitable result.  All we have to do is figure out how the foods we’ve been feeding them deviate from their true needs, and fix it.


Dog nutrition is not confusing, complicated or mysterious.  That it has been made to appear so is a crime against dogs, for this has served to keep millions of dog owners in the rut of abdicating responsibility for their dogs’ health to the mega system that not only produces commercial dog food, but, conveniently, also unduly influences the training of the “experts” in the veterinary industry who recommend and profit from its use.

Nobody could make the claim that vets deliberately cause suffering.  It’s the rare vet who doesn’t truly care about dogs.  But to suffering dogs, intention doesn’t matter.  What matters is that the suffering need not happen, and would not happen if vets were taught the right information.  For the sake of our dogs, we must recognize that regardless of how much vets care about dogs, they are nothing but middle-men trained by a system that only thrives when dogs don’t.  We’ve got to stop pretending that there’s nothing motivating the pet care industry besides love and compassion for animals.  Industries are non-human entities.  It is foolish to expect them to have human attributes, like compassion and heart.  The cold, hard truth is that the primary reason for an industry to exist is to serve up dividends to its shareholders.  Systems and industries seek only to sustain themselves, which they will do in any way possible, no matter how harmful or unscrupulous.  We pet owners must face the fact that it is not the job of the pet care industry to look out for our animals’ health.  That’s OUR job, and this is best done via wholesale avoidance of the so-called pet “care” industry.

The various tentacles of the pet care industry do not conspire with each other to keep animals sick.  It just seems like it because they all follow the same false ideas and flawed concepts.  The commercial pet food industry has found it quite easy to recruit vets to sell and recommend their misery-causing products, because both quarters benefit, not only from the sale of the products but because when dogs eat them, they keep coming back to the vet.  Typically the only time vets ask their clients what they feed their pets is when they want to recommend a switch to one of the junk foods they sell.  Thus they all but ensure that their clients remain in the dark about the causes of their animals’ diseases.  Even now, when pet owners are starting to get a clue about the scam that’s been perpetrated on them, vets are pulling out all the stops for their buddies in the commercial pet food industry, using all the false ideas manufactured by the latter to frighten people away from sensible alternatives.

Can you imagine a world where the pet health professionals got paid for keeping your dog or cat in the state of perfect health?  Eradicating disease would be a relatively small feat for a group of individuals with sufficient ingenuity to create the enormously complicated and successful disease-care monolith that exists today.  Is the motivation to perpetuate the current system greater than their desire to eradicate disease?  It would seem so.


There is no longer any excuse for dog owners to continue feeding disease-causing commercial food waste to their dogs.  It is not difficult to learn how to feed dogs properly.  It is not hard work, nor is it expensive or time-consuming.  Raw feeders don’t have to make feeding their dogs a new hobby or field of study, as some have done.  In fact, there is so much nonsense that passes for “information” in the raw feeding world that doing too much reading and research can actually be hazardous to your dog’s or cat’s health.

How much money and time have you spent on vet bills, remedies, supplements and dog food, combined?  Add to that the time you’ve spent taking your dog to the vet, and the pain and suffering your dog has had to endure.  Whatever all that adds up to, the cost of proper feeding will most likely be much less.  How much would it be worth to never have to take your dog to the vet again, except in the rare and unfortunate case of injury?  If you think that’s impossible, you have been hoodwinked by the industries which profit from the idea that sickness is unavoidable!


Quite simply, the proper care and feeding of animals causes them to never become sick.  Perfect health is the birthright of every creature on earth, including dogs and cats (and humans, for that matter), despite the genetic anomalies that breeding has produced.

It may surprise you to learn that there is a very good chance your dog or cat could be healthy and vital for life, even if s/he’s already sick.  That’s because the same conditions that prevent sickness from occurring in the first place can also reverse it once it’s there.  It is actually the rare case of disease that is not resolvable once its causes are removed.  If you’ve been told that you have no option but to “manage” your pet’s symptoms, bear in mind that the person who told you that was trained by the above-mentioned mega system that profits when animals are sick.


In response to the great awakening that is happening among pet owners, a community of sorts has developed where people share their extremely divergent ideas about how to feed and care for dogs.  This is a step in the right direction, obviously, but unfortunately this community is populated by people who have not sufficiently freed themselves from the flawed ideology of veterinary medicine.  So they still very often make the same mistakes, and when these mistakes lead to illness, they usually assume that lifelong management is their only option.

Natural Hygiene offers us a better way:  REMOVAL OF CAUSE.  The causes of disease are easily determinable.  Simply explained, disease is a result of the body becoming saturated in wastes and toxins.  Waste comes from outside the body, in the form of inappropriate foods, vaccines, medicines, herbs, supplements, oils and other indigestible substances, and it comes from inside the body when cells die and the parts that can’t be recycled must be eliminated.  The accumulation of waste in the body creates chemical imbalances and an overall state of toxemia, which results in disease.  All that is needed to resolve disease is to remove these sources of waste to the fullest extent possible.


Since we hear otherwise everyday, it may be hard to believe that sickness is not something that attacks from the outside.  Rather, it is something that accumulates from the inside.  The idea that we can “protect” ourselves from something that we CAUSE ourselves (and cause in our pets) has had many disastrous consequences, not the least of which is vaccination.  Vaccination is as useless as it is lucrative, but foregoing vaccination is only part of what we need to do to create health in our pets.  We need to recognize that it is entirely within our control to determine whether our animals get sick.  We needn’t protect our pets from sickness, we need only not cause it, which, it turns out, is quite EASY to do.

This program is for people who want to understand the true needs of their dogs and are willing to abandon the counterproductive beliefs that have created epidemic disease among dogs.  By harnessing the power of nature, disease can be entirely avoided.  For less than the cost of one vet visit, you can learn how to all but ensure that your dog will never become ill.

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